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    Feb 28, 2010
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    To those who like to post related - and redundant - questions on other people topics, Don't! It's rude, a waste of space, and can get the topic off subject. If you're going to make your own account to comment, why not just make your own Topic too?

    OK, to the problem...

    I'm wanting to install cIOSCorp but I need to install the cIOS36 rev 14 to IOS249. I even did a restore with bootmii and a system format, but it still freezes everytime I hit A on the first menu screen. I also took the steps to downgrade and restore IOS15. I've tried different sources, and formatted SD cards and no luck.
    I'd appreciate any help I can get. (also, I can't install .wads using the IOS249 anymore, but I used to be able to before I formatted my Wii and started the Trucha Bug stuff. Thanks!
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