CIA to install ticket.db in sysNAND

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    Trying to move my eShop content over to my sysNAND (mainly for ambassador games)

    I built CIA's for all the eShop content I own, did a system transfer to my 9.2 XL (in 9.4 emuNAND).

    I have the ticket.db from my old console before I did a system transfer. Would it be possible to build a CIA to install it to my new consoles sysNAND?

    What I was hoping to do was format my emuNAND and sysNAND at the same time so they would be "linked". Then download all of my eShop stuff in emuNAND so it would show up in sysNAND. Then install the tickets to my sysNAND so all of the content would be usuable.
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