Christmas promises

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    Mar 30, 2007
    It's a closed attack. There's no escaping it, as it comes through telephone, by mail, texts, radio, name it.

    Believing what all of them promise, our life would be paradise.

    Vacations, shopping, houses, cars, computers - everything, suddenly, becomes available to our bank account.

    Because you only need to click, call, answer, fill in a miserable sheet of paper. Nothing simpler. Nothing easier. And everything will be ours, in a blink of an eye.

    "With credit line X we can make your dreams come true", the letter guarantees me of a bank company in my mailbox. They give me access ("especially for YOU" - and if they think specially about me, who am I to think otherwise?) at a "platform of two thousand dollars with automatic accept.", and after that we don't even read the rest, because we have plenty of money to spend, that's what matters, and they remember that Xmas is coming and it all will give it a "magic touch".

    All so easy.

    In a flash, we have all our problems solved. Small kids that want that new flashy toy they see all over the TV commercials that does this or that, and the older ones that want hi-tech cell phones , MP3's, iPod's, video consoles, and all those fatal wonders of our age, the remodeling of the lounge's furniture, and a second vehicle without which we live so badly, and that week in a paradisaic country that we were always shifting back on our priority list - all immediately solved.

    And the department store also helps, because we're happy possessors of a card that allows us to pay everything in 3 months time. And another store also gave us the possibility of remodeling the entire kitchen in "soft" installments ("soft" is always the term used when referring to installments), so soft or more than we already used to pay the orthopedic mattress we offered our mother-in-law and that even had an actor of a soap opera advertising it in posters.

    Every night we answer phone calls or receive texts with message from bank companies offering credit for everything we need, and we smile, happy, really, how banks like use, and want our happiness and our well-being, how they simplify our life for us.

    Then one day we hear on the radio that Americans are getting more and more in debt and we even smile, as an act of sorrow, of those indebted Americans, stupid people, having debts, what a horror!, as us, we only have soft installments of half a dozen non-important things, we know perfectly how to manage our expenditures, of course we know, and not to mention that banks have guaranteed us their full support.

    Until the day that suddenly we discover that those half a dozen non-important things increased uncontrollably, without our attention, that the bills to pay have stacked themselves high and then we learn, out of shame, that no bank, or any other similar company, in the middle of many smiles, promises, TV actors and actresses trying to convince people, ever want to give us anything.

    The worst thing about this is, generally, that it's a very late discovery, when the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare, and that's there's no way out.


    And now, my questions are - What do you think about this text?

    Is it true in your country, do people get crazy about this marketing technique that many people tend to overlook and suffer the consequences referred in this text?

    Discuss. [​IMG]