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    Hello, I'm interested in upgrading from my old 4Gb DSX to a new cart for Christmas. I've browsed around but I'd like some definitive answers if I can get them. What I'm looking for is 2GB (not Gb) or so storage with the ease of use like the DSX's drag and drop. I'm leaning towards an R4 but I recently read about a Cyclo? I am not interested in another DSX because the load times. Also if I'm reading this right the R4 uses some kinda plug called a Micro SD instead of like the DSX's USB port. So if R4 is the way to go what should I do about that? Checking the compatibility lists states that the Kingston Micro SD has some issues so?

    I'm not 100% sure how the other cards work for storage so the 2GB memory might use slot 2, but if I can get all that in slot 1 then I'd appreciate it if I could get a good recommendation about a slot 2 card as well. I don't know anything about those, but I figure I might be able to get one for Christmas as well, so I can use my DS to the fullest.

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    This is a micro SD (Not actual size, it's about the size of a fingernail)
    As you can see, it's not a plug as such, it's a memory card, also used in phones, MP3 players etc. The R4 comes with a USB adaptor which you can use to transfer files onto your chosen card, which you then put into a slot on your R4. The only games which have issues as far as I can remember are Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, which is slow no matter what MicroSD card you use and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin which has issues with crashing which are very much MicroSD dependant. Generally 2GB cards have slower access times and so when POR first came out the best card to play it on was a Japanese Kingston 1GB card. I saw someone say in another thread yesterday however that the Japanese Kingston 2GB card works fine with it, so perhaps the speed difference between 1GB and 2GB cards has decreased.

    Don't know much about the Cyclo to be honest, your best bet is to read the gbatemp reviews of both devices. I have to say you can't really go wrong with the R4, it's cheap, well supported and has no major flaws as far as I'm concerned. That's not to say it's the be all and end all of flashcarts however, I know the Cyclo and SCOne are pretty awesome bits of kit too.
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    well i dunno if it gets released before Christmas, but i'm also upgrading and i'm beting my money on the M3DS Real. Slot 1, with GBA RAM Expansion (that also works with GBA roms) and Rumble. Plus its cheap and it has 100% Download Play "ability", lol.

    I'm still happy with my M3 MiniSD. But the M3DS Real is just too good.. at least the reviews say so z.z
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    The English (and European languages) card has already been shipped to retailers (some have already got them, eg. Gameyeeeah), so it will definitely be available before Christmas