Hacking Chips and the noob guides


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Nov 8, 2009
First of all, I'm not sure if it's even ok to talk about chips so please delete the question if I'm crossing a line.

Ok... If I have a modchip in my system, do all the programs in the noob guides still apply?
I have questions that are still on my mind even though I read the guides. It's just because while I understand all the different elements, I have confusions about how they affect what I already have installed.

My questions are the following:
1. I have 4.0U. I have trouble loading some games (Mario Sonic Winter Olympics and Wii Sports Resort on USB Loader as an example. Ho do I upgrade to the newest version so I have the fewest compatibility issues? Or is my question misguided?
2. I honestly can't remember all the things I installed but I have the chip and I went through a bunch of steps that others guided me on. I tried at the time to get people to explain WHY I was doing certain things but very often got ignored and just thrown a list of things to do. So, I don't know how to tell you what I have installed. Any way to do that? Get a listing of what I'm running? firmwares, etc?

Maybe this will help?
- I use Homebrew Channel
- I have USB loader
- I remember doing a NAND backup

Any help would be great. I'm just so afraid to update anything and kill my Wii. Maybe it's best to just start fresh somehow and update everything at once?
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