Chipped/Modded Wii Update Questions

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kingjubba, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Aug 22, 2007
    've searched for a similiar topic, but found it difficult to find one...sorry if i've missed loads!

    OKAY, my questions:

    I already have an NTSC chipped/modded Wii, which already plays burnt games..perfect! BUT my question is not about playing the games it's about the other functions of the Wii:

    I bought my wii pre-chipped, so i do not know what kind of chip it is.
    I was told this when i bought it:

    1. Don't update the wii through the system update option (one that connects directly to the net to update
    2. I am allowed to update the wii through games (such as mario galaxy/metroid prime). - Which i have done before perfectly...the wii plays both metroid and galaxy with no troubles.

    My MAIN concern is, can i get other wii channels??
    At the moment, i only have shop/forecast/mii/photo and news, but i would really like to have the other channels especially the browser...

    So the information i would like is:

    1. IS there anyway i can download an update and apply it without the risk of bricking my wii?

    2. Is there any way of downloading and applying the seperate channels (on an sd card or onto the wiimote)

    3. Would an internet update of my wii render it bricked? (Perhaps this is an issue with certain chips, and not others?)

    Otherwise...i love my wii...but i would really like to get the new channels.

    Hope somebody can help....sorry for the beast of a topic!

    Added Info: I forgot to mention, when i try to access the shop channel to download more channels, i get the "please update you wii" message...which obvisouly i don't do because i am scared of bricking it (...bricking
    I have already used the update contained on the mario galaxy NTSC Disc...which installed perfectly fine.
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    Feb 23, 2008
    you only risk bricking your wii when you install other region games

    as a reminder bricking is making your wii not working anymore, semi brick is wii settings are blocked and dual channels can be considered too, they happen at the same time

    i hope you got a good deal on your premodded wii, i would like to know what im getting [​IMG]

    1 - your wii wont brick from online update, correct me if im wrong. its safer than updates from games because while you didnt have problem with smg other ppl updated and they couldnt get smg to work

    2 - channels and virtual console games cant be transfered because they become unique to the wii that d/l'd them

    3 - similar to #1, but do you think bricking your wii is making your drive chip not work anymore ? smg update made wiikey not work because they put smg in first. ppl had to follow procedure to get it to work, which was along the lines of updating your wii online to 3.1, turn region free on wiikey on, next applying wiikey firmware 1.9g, then let smg update and play
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Thanks for the quick response.

    I did get a good deal...but i actually only bought a modded one because i bought it in Jakarta! seriously, there are NO wii's there that are not pre-modded.

    Anyway i can find out my chip? guess i prob have to open the wii up and look?

    About SMG update:
    I simply put the disc in the wii and said yes to the update...nothing special. (does this give away any info about what chip i have?)
    I think i also updated with Metroid Prime Hunters (but can't remember) also with no problems.

    I will only ever play NTSC games on my NTSC wii, so should this be pretty safe?
    I'm in Australia just now, so is there any risk of my NTSC wii downloading the PAL update (via system update)?

    I guess...i'm just worried and need some good advice about what is safe and what isn't.

    All i want, is to go onto shop channel...and download new channels as they are released.