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    Mar 15, 2003
    Found this awesome subterranean mall beside a car parking and it's full of chinese stuff. Ate at the restaurant, the food was great! It was the closest thing to being in china I think, a real chinese restaurant (actual chinese people eating there, not only europeans, and the food wasn't "europeanized" either).

    There's also this big chinese shop with all kinds of stuff: food, books and magazines in chinese, that traditional ink brush and paper...

    Anyways I felt a bit lost because 98% of it was in chinese but it was a very unique experience, being the shop for chinese people and not just europeans that want to try international food and want to half rip them off, because they have no idea (probably like me, lol), they end up buying the wrong thing. It looks like they might have japanese stuff too, since I recognized some katakana on tha labels.

    So anyways the point of all this is if you know stuff that next time I go that I should buy? I bought this candy [​IMG] :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Pics done with my mobile)
    The peanut one reminds me a lot of the spanish "Turrón" and it's really tasty.

    Hopefully you guys will know stuff thats good so I won't miss out on things next time I go! I don't really mind the price, and I'm all about trying new things [​IMG] .

    Also I've been thinking about learning an oriental language for a long time, since I already speak english, spanish and I've been studying french at school for 3 years. Now I'm looking for a non-european language, thought about considering something islamic but then again, chinese or japanese sounds more interesting so I started reading stuff on japanese about 1-2 years ago as a hobby, for when I was bored and had nothing else to do.

    But now I've been to that place I'm reconsidering doing chinese instead. Chinese looks harder than japanese but it's spoken by more people, and Japanese has the videogames, anime, etc. So I don't really know. If the languages are similar I could start first on Japanese and move to after to Chinese but I doubt that it's that simple, lol.

    Anyways it would be really cool if you guys told me what oriental stuff you buy and some advice about the language [​IMG]