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    Chendu Evening 2008-05-16 10:29:19
    The three days from May 12th till yesterday seemed like a century for Qiuhong Zhang, deputy captain of an Armed Police detachment in Chendu. A man of fourteen years' military service, Zhang leads a rescue team for one of the relic zones in Dujiangyan city, where buried his own father and sister-in-law.
    With watery eyes and fingers clawing in earth, Zhang had no more tears when his fellow soldiers digged his father and sister-in-law out of the relics. Trembling allover, he stands on top of the relics as usual, coordinating the rescue...
    In one alley of Guanfen community in Dujiangyan city, a body was laid flat on the brick ground covered by thick quilts. "Father, please forgive me for not being able to see you off..." an armed police officer kneed upon the curb, choking these words, shoulders trembling. Surrounding Zhang, a dozen other armed police soldiers couldn't help weeping out loud.
    200 meters away from the body is the location for Building 34 of Guanfeng community, once a 6-story building which is now a shere mess after the May 12th earthquake, when Zhang's father and sister-in-law were buried beneath.

    "I was instructing a training session in Chengdu when the quake happened. I don't know the situation of Dujiangyang at that time." Zhang stared at the ground with his red eyes. He recalled being cut off from communication with his parents, sister-in-law, wife and child in Dujiangyan and didn't know a thing about their situation. Until 10pm that night, the detachment got no luck contacting Dujiangyan section, and thus decided to dispatch him to Dujiangyan, for information about both his family and the Dujiangyan section of the force. It was already midnight when Zhang got off the taxi in the rain at Guanfeng community. There, he kept shouting out the name of his wife for forty minutes and found his mother, wife and 6-yr-old daughter. Cuddling together with his family, Zhang was shocked by the tragic news: his fater and sister-in-law were both taking a nap at noon and didn't make it out of the building which was turned into relics burying them.

    "My parents came to Dujiangyan half a year ago to take care of my new-born daughter." Zhang said. He originally came from Changde, Hunan, coming to Chengdu for military service in 1994 and established family in Dujiangyan. His parents and sister-in-law came from Hunan to Dujiangyan to take care of his pregnant wife. Zhang rented this apartment in Building 34 Guanfeng community for them.

    Zhang's mother happened to be picking up laundries downstairs when the quake happened. Seeing the apartment building collapsed instantly, his mother shouted wildly out her husbands name. "Mom didn't move at all from all the falling bricks. She was wounded allover. She insisted that father would be okey." Zhang stopped here, blinking his watery eyes and stared into the distance.With the mission he beared at hand, Zhang didn't have the time even to take another look at the relics and hurried to Dujiangyan section of the force. He spent the whole night delivering the commands from his detachment, and didn't return to Guanfeng community until the morning of 13th. Coming alone to the relics burying his father and sister-in-law, he could no longer check his feelings and started crying loudly. "I have to be strong and not allowed to cry my family. So I held the feelings back previously." again, Zhang's eyes were filled with tears.
    It was raining heavily all day on 13th, making it impossible for any rescue work. At noon, Chengdu detachment dispatched Zhang to the very relics of Guanfeng community for rescue work. With the rain still heavy, Zhang stood still in front of the relics praying throughout the sleepless night.
    When it finally turned sunny on the morning of 14th, Zhang started the rescue work with his fellow soldiers. Following the preliminary digging with tools, they started digging into the bricks and earth by hands, for fear of hurting the buried. Zhang's hands couldn't stop trembling. "I don't know how i felt then. Worried. Tears in eyes, but still I have to hold them back."
    At 4pm, when the fifth body was excavated, Zhang and the soldiers found the body of his sister-in-law. "She had multiple wounds on the head and was just hopeless." Zhang's brother came from Hunan and was seen biting lips hardly. How many people are still down there? Anyone still alive? These two questions kept Zhang too busy into the digging to be sad.

    Around 11am yesterday, after a successful rescue of an elderly survivor and excavation of ten bodies of victims, Zhang felt a familiar clothes from the relics. His eyes blurred instantly. "I was very sure that it was dad." He and five/six other soldiers digged out his father's body with hand, and carried the body out of the relics, shedding tears along the way.
    A special break of several hours was granted to to Zhang by the detachment for the after math of his father and sister-in-law. "Please understand me, father. I was so helpless all along. I'm needed by the force and the mission. I can't accompany you back to Hunan." Kneeing alongside the body, Zhang lit up three scents for his father and dropped his head into a long silence.

    His father had been a respectable person in Zhang's head. "I feel as if I'm still in a nightmare." Zhang's father and sister-in-law were sent to the funeral service by his brother for cremation at Xindu funeral services. Their ashes would be taken back to Hunan afterwards. But Zhang could not send his father at this very last stage of his life. "There're still other people's fathers and sisters-in-law in the relics. "He's on the scene for coordination.

    Beijingers lined up for blood donation

    <img src="http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/yzx571/blooddonation1.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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    Tan sacrificed for protecting students

    Wenzhou earth quake caused the collapse of a teaching building in Dongqi middle school in Deyang city, Sichuan province. Qianqiu Tan, director of registra of this school, spread his arms and body over a desk sheltering four students in beneath at the moment when the earth quake happened. The four students were all saved, witnessing the tragic death of their teacher Tan.

    Phtographed by Jianhua Wang, XINHUA

    <img src="http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/yzx571/mourningwoman.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    May 14th, Guanrong Zhang crying over the dead body of her husband Qianqiu Tan

    <b>Dear baby, If you are alive, remember Mama loves you so much! </b>

    <img src="http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/yzx571/surviver1-1.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    When rescuers found her, she had died cause of collapsed house. Through the interstices of ruin, people can see her dead pose. She kneeled and groveled, her hands support her body, seemed a bit strange. After confirming her death and shouting for no reply, rescuers were going to move to other collapsed buildings. The rescuer team lead checked again and he tried to stretch under the lady’s body. Suddenly he shout out, “ a baby, still alive!”.

    After cleaning the ruin which covering the lady, a baby was found and laying under her mother’s body, wrapped in a small red quilt. The baby seems only 3 or 4 months and very healthy because of her mother’s protection. He was still sleeping deeply and his lovely face warmed every people in the site.

    The doctors checked him and found a cell phone wrapped with him. A written short message displayed on the cell phone screen: Dear baby, if you are alive, remember Mama loves you so much!

    <img src="http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/yzx571/surviver2.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    another five-month-old baby was rescued

    According to a faxed report from Sichuang forestry Wolong detachment at 12:21, May 16th, Gang Wang, Deputy sheriff of Wolong Natural Reserves (special region) died in the earth quake rescue mission.
    When a helicopter was unloading recue provisions arrived at 10:30 on 16th, Wang, who was then on duty on the police behalf, found a female reporter was in the danger of being hit by the turning tail rotor. He made a brave dive to save the reporter but was unfortunately hit by the helicopter's tail himself and died
    <div align="center">IN JAPANESE</div>

    お母さんを覚えていてね わが子かばい携帯に“遺言”






    <div align="center">Special account for earthquake relief donation

    In order to meet the requests from Chinese-Canadians and Canadian people on the matter of making donations to fight the disastrous earthquake on May 12th in Sichuan, China, the Chinese Consulate in Toronto has opened a special account. Your generosity of donation through this special account is greatly appreciated. All funds received will be sent back to China for the relief and rescue in the earthquake-hit area.
    1. Special Account:
    Account Name: Consulate General In Trust For Earthquake Donations
    Account Number: 04009083
    Bank: Bank of China (Canada)
    Bank Address:
    Toronto Downtown Branch:
    396 Dundas Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1G7
    Tel: 416-971-8806 Ext 3000/3108
    Fax: 416-971-6551
    Scarborough Branch Address:
    Unit 33, 3300 Midland Avenue, Scarborough Village Mall,
    Scarborough, Ontario, M1V 4A1
    Tel: 416-297-7921 Ext289/280
    Fax: 416-297-6187

    2. Donators can also send personal cheques and money orders payable to The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto by mail to this Consulate's mailing Address as follows:
    240 St. George Street, Toronto, On, M5R 2N5
    3. For those who wish to donate cash through Consulate, please contact 416-324-6464 or 416-602-8853 or 416-529-0068.
    Please do leave your contact details for receipt and our heartfelt thanks.

    Our contact information: 416-324-6464 or 416-602-8853 or 416-529-0068
    or go to the website <a href="http://www.mercycorps.org/chinaearthquake/?source=1062" target="_blank">Mercy Corps</a>
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