Cheats on Old 3ds in big games with NTR with Luma

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    Jul 18, 2018
    what is the best folder structure for NTR cfw if you add Luma 3ds gateshark cheats so with me cheats for luma all in root

    Cheats for luma all in root in a cheat folder that is in root and so root / cheats / game names eg 1001 spikes EXAMPLE / txt file of game

    NTR root / 3ds / Bootnselector / Plugin / plg files fits this?

    I just get in to the NTR menu as far as the Nintendo3ds screen ingame, so how do you fix it like this, for example, it's going to be that menu in the whole game here a video with ingame ntr menĂ¼

    my video

    And when is a game Ram annoying for the O3ds