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Jul 18, 2018
K added tons more codes for No Man's Sky..

No Man's Sky (US)​

0100853015E86000 (1F215E055C557890)

  1. OHK
  2. Loads of Money
  3. Inf. Shields
  4. Inf. Health Cores
  5. Inf. Jetpack
  6. Inf. Hazard Protection
  7. Inf. Life Support
  8. Inf. Stamina
  9. Inf. Ship Shields
  10. Inf. Ship Life
  11. No Ship Weapon Overheat
  12. Instant Analysis Scan
  13. Instant Scanner Recharge
  14. No Tool Overheat
  15. Money Multiplier (2x)
  16. Money Multiplier (4x)
  17. Money Multiplier (8x)
  18. Item Multiplier (2x)
  19. Item Multiplier (4x)
  20. Item Multiplier (8x)
  21. Faster Jetpack Movement Speed
  22. Faster Walk/Sprint Speed
  23. Fast and Furious Jetpack

[No Man's Sky (US) v1.2.0 TID=0100853015E86000 BID=1F215E055C557890]

[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 00EAE168 1A8AB116
040E0000 007C9280 B941C419
040E0000 012E9B78 B901BAE8
040E0000 003B68A0 B40001E0
040E0000 012E5884 BD323660
040E0000 013880AC 1E297800
040E0000 012D3F88 B9001808
040E0000 012E674C BD002B80
040E0000 012E9B0C B9001B08
040E0000 003B68C8 B901A260
040E0000 0167AEBC 1E212800
080E0000 01197C10 72A75068 52824DE8
040E0000 011E6F84 B900127F
040E0000 013C5A88 54002641
040E0000 00388B00 2B080028
040E0000 00388B00 2B080028
040E0000 00388B00 2B080028
040E0000 003B360C 0B180108
040E0000 003B360C 0B180108
040E0000 003B360C 0B180108
040E0000 012E3AD4 BD400142
040E0000 012E6904 BD400101
040E0000 012E3AD4 BD400142

[#01. OHK]
040E0000 00EAE168 1A8AC116

[#02. Loads of Money]
080E0000 0200FFF8 D65F03C0 B941C419
080E0000 0200FFF0 B901C419 F28638F9
040E0000 0200FFEC D2A00F59
040E0000 007C9280 94611B5B

[#03. Inf. Shields]
040E0000 012E9B78 B901BAE0

[#04. Inf. Health Cores]
040E0000 003B68A0 D503201F

[#05. Inf. Jetpack]
040E0000 012E5884 D503201F

[#06. Inf. Hazard Protection]
040E0000 013880AC 1E2703E0

[#07. Inf. Life Support]
040E0000 012D3F88 B9001809

[#08. Inf. Stamina]
040E0000 012E674C D503201F

[#09. Inf. Ship Shields]
040E0000 012E9B0C B9001B00

[#10. Inf. Ship Life]
040E0000 003B68C8 B901A269

[#11. No Ship Weapon Overheat]
040E0000 0167AEBC 1E2703E0

[#12. Instant Analysis Scan]
080E0000 01197C10 F2800008 D2A7F008

[#13. Instant Scanner Recharge]
040E0000 011E6F84 D503201F

[#14. No Tool Overheat]
040E0000 013C5A88 14000132

[#15. Money Multiplier (2x)]
040E0000 00388B00 2B010508

[#16. Money Multiplier (4x)]
040E0000 00388B00 2B010908

[#17. Money Multiplier (8x)]
040E0000 00388B00 2B010D08

[#18. Item Multiplier (2x)]
040E0000 003B360C 0B180508

[#19. Item Multiplier (4x)]
040E0000 003B360C 0B180908

[#20. Item Multiplier (8x)]
040E0000 003B360C 0B180D08

[#21. Faster Jetpack Movement Speed]
040E0000 012E3AD4 1E269002

[#22. Faster Walk/Sprint Speed]
040E0000 012E6904 1E201001

[#23. Fast and Furious Jetpack]
080E0000 0200FFE4 D65F03C0 F2800002
040E0000 0200FFE0 D2A85902
040E0000 012E3AD4 9434B143

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