Cheap UK NDS lite if you have boots card - £71

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  1. MaxThrust

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    Jan 1, 2007
    Ok. to get this for the best price you have to have a boot advantage card and a membership.

    Ok, if you haven't got the quidco and boots.

    Then goto

    Black DS lite £99.99 , but they are offering £10 off all purchases today.. so yours for 89.99 delivered.

    Now if you have quidco and advantage card.

    Go to, login and select through to boots to get 6.5% off purchase.

    Once on boots login, and check you advantage card number is attached.

    Purchase nds lite. Price goes to 89.99 for 10 off.

    Enter in the promo code field 1000 POINTS FOR £75+ SPEND: BFBB43

    This gives you 1000 points which is 10 pounds to spend at boots with the card.

    Now the value of purchase gives you another 4% which is 399 points. So you gained a total of 1399 points on your card or £13.99

    And when quidco comes through you get 6.5% which is 5.85

    So the breakdown is

    Price 99.99
    £10 off
    13.99 off to advantage card to spend in boots - a few lunches [​IMG]
    5.85 back from quidco
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    Nov 28, 2006
    Thats the regular price in Australia O_O