Changing the language of HTC touch cruise T4242

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    Dec 23, 2009
    A few weeks ago, I was somewhat thinking of getting a smartphone. Then, pretty much by accident and totally unrelated, I found a smartphone on the train. The one sitting there one or two stops before must have forgotten it (though it was pretty clearly on the table built in the seat in front of me). The sim card was there, but the phone was locked with a password. In other words: I didn't have a way to even let the owner know I had his phone. me selfish, but I got rid of the sim card, googled a bit for info and reset the password (the hard way...I want it to be as "fresh out of the box" as possible).

    There is one problem, though: the interface (window mobile 6.1) is entirely in French (I'm Dutch but I want my informatics stuff in English). I found out where to change the regional options, but changing the language didn't do anything.

    It has a mini-USB exit, so I can plug it into my PC with ease. From there, I tried updating the firmware through official firmware packages (which returned "error[294]: invalid vendor ID"). According to 'the internet' this means the phone wasn't bought from HTC themselves which means the 'CID' isn't unlocked. Erm...yeah. Nice. (it also suggested using something called MTTY to unlock that, but I I have no idea to even begin to use that program).

    Some more searching on the more shady sites ended up on this thread. Sounded pretty clear...but didn't work. It all goes fine with activesync and the connection (it mentions it will update from firmware 3.13.405.0 to OliNex - 2.20), but as soon as the progress bar is shown, the smartphone (a HTC touch cruise T4242, by the way) just restarts. It doesn't show the tricolor screen I saw when attempting to install (flash?) the real firmware (which got to 1% before spitting out that error[294]), and it certainly doesn't ask me to replug the USB. It just restarts normally, after which the installer (on the PC screen) just gives an 'error[260]: connection issue' (which means it's not properly connected. Except that is wrong because e.g. my file explorer can access the files on the smartphone without problems).

    I did try other roms, both official and home made. However, they all spit out all sorts of errors (probably because the above wasn't done properly).

    As you may have noticed: I'm a totally new in this. I don't know windows mobile or the HTC. I don't know what I might have missed or have done wrong. Or whether it's even possible to change the interface language.

    So...if anyone happens to know what all this is about...please respond. I'm happy to provide additional stuff, if needed. :)