Changing the internal SD Card and updating launcher.dat

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    Feb 25, 2014

    When changing the internal SD Card for a larger one, is copying the content from the actual SD Card enough or do we have to use the blue card again and reinstall everything from scratch ? The 3ds we have is curerntly running 2.4b and 9.0xxx update.

    BTW, when a new Gateway version is released, again is copying the launcher.dat file over to the internal SD card enough or are there other things to do. I have just copied over the 2.3b launcher.dat and connected to the internet to update via the nintendo update but I always wonder if I'm doing things right.

    Seems to be working so far anyway.

    Final question, are GBA games compatible with this 2.4b update or is it something that we still have to wait for ?

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    just copying is fine, however if you have emunand set up, then you need to copy it over too - make a backup of your emuNAND with emunand tool, copy the content of your old SD, create emuNAND on new SD, copy over the backed up content of the old SD and inject your emuNAND backup into the new SD via emunand tool

    just replacing the old launcher.dat with the new one is enough
    always update via settings in emunand, not via update prompt and not via eshop

    no GBA game support so far