Changing Pokémon Virtual Console banner without losing Pokémon Bank capability

GameBoyColor Jul 28, 2018.

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    I want to change the banner for a Pokémon VC title, without losing its ability to connect to Pokémon Bank. How possible is this?

    I'm thinking that I could just decrypt the .cia, replace the banner file with my own, and then re-encrypt it. But I don't know if that would render it unable to connect to Pokémon Bank.

    On that subject, is there a way to decrypt and rebuild a .cia all within GodMode9? I'm on a Mac, so the Asia81 tools won't work for me.
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    The HOME Menu banner doesn't mess with core function of how the game works, so Pokemon Bank shouldn't be affected.


    You don't have Windows bootcamp? Maybe you can get away with WINE?

    In order to use HackingToolkit9DS v12, you need to first encrypt the *.cia in GodMode9. If you don't, Asia81's program will not correctly decompile the game. Extract the rom with the CE command.

    You'll have two folders you'll need to contend with that contains the banner: ExtractedBanner and ExtractedExeFS

    - banner.bcwav
    - banner.cbmd
    - banner.cgfx

    - banner.bin

    To make flat 2D image banners, you'll need to use bannertool v1.1.0 to covert *.png and *.wav into banner.bin

    The command window prompt:
    bannertool makebanner -i banner.png -a banner.wav -o banner.bin

    You're on your own in making or modifying 3D banners.

    After creating the banner, use ba-GUI-nnertool v2.2 to de-compile it into its constituents. You'll get 3 files, but the one named as banner0.bcmdl has to be renamed as banner.cgfx . Once you have all four files [*.bcwav, *.cbmd, *.cgfx, and *.bin] , drag and derp replacing the old ones in the HackingTool9DS folder.

    Rebuild the CIA with the CR command. Go back to GodMode9 and decrypt that modified *.cia . Install with FBI and voila!
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    All of the tools can be compiled for Mac. Just a protip.
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