Changing one of the "backgrounds" in a CTF?

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    Recently I downloaded V1Gentix Color CTF Theme ( and I'm wondering how to change the backgrounds that are used when you switch the color option while using this theme.

    I have CTF Tool so I tried extracting it and seeing if there was a simple way but I couldn't find anything.
    The folders that were extracted

    and then a v1gentixcolour.ptf file.

    I looked in 01-12 and found a bunch of backgrounds it seemed but they were the 480x272 that the psp takes but I tryed changing one anyway and then pressing the create button in CTF Tool but when I went to the "color background whatever thing" it was the same picture as before so that didn't work.

    In the ptf folder there's
    and imma take a shot in the dark and guess that those are for the screen when selecting a theme [​IMG]

    in the vsh folder there's
    >module folder
    >resource folder

    in the module folder there's

    and in the resource folder there's

    I'm not sure what to edit but all I want to do is put in this picture
    so then some random picture of whatever color I'm on doesn't pops up first and then the background pic. Thank you so much if you can help. [​IMG]

    EDIT--- I got 01-12.bmp split/merge and split the 01-12.bmp that came with it and put the image i had as 01.bmp and merged it but that just got me a white screen.