Changed EZ Flash 3in1 battery, but still won't save.

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    I bought an EZ Flash 3in1 back in 2009. I used it to play Mother 3 a lot, but after about a month it stopped holding my save file if i left it alone for a while or removed it from my DS. I figured this had to do with the CR1220 battery, but I never got around to changing the battery until now. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to solve the problem. The battery was brand new, but the 3in1 still could not hold saves. I found a bunch of threads here explaining the same situation, but they didn't seem to get any answers. As of now, I've actually accidentally broken one of the metal tabs that hold contact with the battery as a result of fiddling with it. So, now I'm wondering if any new solutions for this have come up before I buy a new battery with tabs, or if the 3in1 itself is actually defective.