Change title id of a game help please

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    May 20, 2017
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    Hope this is the right forum location for this.
    Ok I want to install a cia of a hack on my 3ds. It's already got cfw on it.
    I have a game I want to keep intact on it, and there's also a hack for the same game. I want a clean version and a hacked version on my 3ds. I googled it and heard it's possible with changing the title id. If someone can point me to a up to date tutorial or if they wouldn't mind doing doing it for me that'd be great.

    I just need a cia of story of seasons trio of towns with a changed title id and I'll put the hack on it since there isn't from what I see right now a cia of the game with the hack.

    Thank you for looking and any potential help.