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    Is there a way to change the region on an XBox 360 game?

    I downloaded a PAL game and I need to play it on an NTSC console..

    Can abgx360 do that?
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    Oct 30, 2007
    not possible, you'll need a jtag to play other region ( non region-free ) games.
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    Jun 13, 2004
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    well, that sux..

    another coaster..
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    First for the sake of others reading the 360 has a measure of region locking- it is up to developers and publishers to choose whether they region lock a game. There are no real rules here but it is certainly worth looking to see what regions are available to the game.

    3 regions worth anything (I am ignoring China)
    North America. USA, Canada and Mexico.
    Japan, Asia (China can be part of this or not)
    What was traditionally PAL aka Europe and Australia.
    You can be one region, two regions or all.

    Region free is region free so no need to wait for a North American release if a UK one pops up first. On incredibly rare occasions releases can vary across a territory (there was a sports game I think with Spanish (the relevant parts of South America) and English in one disc for the territory and French (Quebec) and English for the other). More common are European releases with 6 languages with 3 on each disc.

    Anywhere else you probably imported your 360 so figure out where it is from.

    For the most part there are no superior regions other than the odd European release of a Japanese game losing languages. Sometimes games with long delays (quite rare these days) have no locking where other times games released at more or less the same time are region locked. I think it was need for speed shift that varied commentators but that was region locked.

    ABGX ( ) and ABGX360 (the tool if you have a disc or iso) and database

    Also consider it impossible but should you have your CPU key then you can change the region of your console (wind this together with a dual NAND and you have a crude region free). MS blocked the only known methods of getting the CPU key (beyond some people doing some insane things with wires and drilling down into processors) when they blocked the JTAG hack back in August 2009 and those that have their key from then are usually those that know what goes.
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    I didn't think you could change region with the cpu key anymore. I was under the impression that tampering with the keyvault = christmas lights on anything except a xenon.