Change GC Titles? USBLGX+DM

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by PirateHD, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I converted the GameCube ISO's with DMToolBox and installed them on a 64GB FAT32 Partition but some of the titles are incorrect. When opening up the /games folder on the drive I see the Game ID as a folder, inside the folder is the game.iso. How can you change the title? I'm using USB Loader GX but not finding a way to change it there either.
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    If you want to change the folder names, you can look up the gameid on then name the folders "Game Name [GAMEID]"

    If you want to change the name in USB Loader GX, have it download the latest gametdb xml (usually stored at sd:/config/gametdb.xml), then edit it on your computer. (Use find to get to game id, then change the name parameters.)
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    Updating the WiiTPD.xml through USBLGX fixed'm for me. Thanks.
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    There are different way to set game file names.

    1. use GameTDB option in the loader (it will download wiitdb.xml which contains all GameID and corresponding game names)
    Note: it's based on GameID found in the sub-folder's name or, if not present, from the ID in the ISO.

    2. Rename the game inside the loader
    Gui > game window > Rotating disc
    click a game > click on game title in the rotating disc to set a new name
    Note: it's based on your cache. you need to enable the Cache setting, and disable "Force Title from Disc" setting.

    3. Read the game's name from the sub-folder's name.
    SD;/games/F-zero AX [GFZJ8P]/game.iso
    The red part and the blue part are used as game's title and GameID, even if they are different inside the ISO! (The F-zero AX ISO often has Soccer's game title in the header, using this method fix the F-zero title easily)
    Note: it's based on the folder's name.

    4. Read the title from the ISO
    if you don't use GameTDB (or use "Force title from Disc"), and don't have the game's name in the sub-folder's name, then USBLoaderGX open the ISO and read it's content to find the GameID and Game title.
    It's slower to open all the ISO one by one to read their content so you should prevent using this method.
    Note: it's based on the internal ISO content. Some game may have wrong/unformated internal Titles.