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Jan 16, 2011

CFG vs. WiiFlow by Sicklyboy at 8:32 AM (1,416 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    So ever since I have started USB loading, I have used CFG Loader and ONLY CFG Loader (except that one time I tried to load off of a FAT32 partition with NeoGamma... yeah, that doesn't work lol). But my curious ass needs to wonder what WiiFlow is like, as I have been hearing more and more about it. But my stubborn/lazy ass doesn't want to go through with downloading something to test that I may or may not like (why do I get the feeling this sentence will open the door to copious flame?)

    I plan to do some stuff with my Wii on Monday though, Wednesday at the latest, at which point I will try WiiFlow regardless. But I ask, before I do so: why?

    What makes WiiFlow different from CFG? Is it better?
    ...I had a whole list of things I wanted to ask, but this combination of habitually staying up till 3:30-4 AM and the fact that I am currently listening to Coheed and Cambria has made me forget... fml.

    So, long story short, why make the switch? What makes it worth my effort to test this loader?Do you guys thing I am going to like it? I have no complaints about CFG loader, except for the fact that it looks... it looks blah, and none of the themes do it for me. Give me some solid pro's and con's!
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    I have both, but I find Wiiflow looks better. They pretty much do the same job and you can select each games IOS etc. CFG has more themes, but thats no biggy. Its all down to preference, just give it a whirl and see what you think. Its not exactly alot of effort to install, is it?

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