CFG USB Loader black screen after Hermes cios install

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    So I will say this, I am not an expert in soft-modding my Wii, but I had CFG USB Loader installed and working perfectly, and playing all my backup games. Every game I had worked, EXCEPT Metroid Other M. It would freeze after the "Baby's Cry" cut scene.

    Consequently, I followed the instructions here:
    Dual Layer Games Need additional IOS to run other than the Standard IOS249
    1a. If you dont Already you need to install Hermes IOS 222 and 223: HERE
    2a. Now when loading the .iso with your loader you will need to select IOS 222
    3a. If using GX then when you click on the .iso click settings and switch the IOS from 249 to 222
    4a. If non of this works and you still get the freezing in game then try the following...
    5a. MAKE SURE you have the latest IOS56 loaded (linked to in thread)
    6a. When you are loading the game use 222 or 223 (NEXT PART IMPORTANT)
    7a. Force the ISO to YOUR region... I.E = ((NTSC = F-NTSC)) ((PAL = F-PAL))
    8a. I know it might sound stupid but it has solved from problems with users Other M in the IRC as of late... 
    I installed the Hermes ciOS from step 1 and then followed the rest of the parts and Metroid Other M worked great. However now when I try launching Wii Sports, it just shows a black screen and freezes after it starts loading the ios. I tried forcing the region as above and using both 222 and the default ios but it will not work.

    I tried NeoGamma and it works great, only CFG has the issue. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks so much in advance everyone.