CFG Nintendont & savegames and game covers on SD card

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    Feb 25, 2014

    Thanks to your help I have been able to install HBC with CFG and Nintendont.
    I figured out how to launch Gamecube games from CFG but I have been unable yet to find out how to save games. It always complains that there is no card. Could someone help me out a little on this ?

    I am running games from a usb drive but I believe the covers have been downloaded to the SD card. Is there anyway to have those on the hard drive instead ? My SD card is a 2GB card and it may lack storage eventually (or could I use a bigger card in Fat32 or Extfat) ?

    Thanks again.
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    You need to turn on Memory Card Emulation.

    In the Nintendont loader click b when you see your list of games and turn on Memory Card emulation

    In cfg click the game, then options, then turn NMM on.

    Nintendont can create a Memory card for each game (each memory card will be 2mb each) or you can create a single memory card that all your games can go in. It's up to you what you like better
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    How to display game covers ?