CFG Loader reads FAT32 as FAT1 (gc games)

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    Oct 25, 2014
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    So,CFG loader works fine with my wbfs thumb for wii games,but when I put my FAT32 32kb 1TB HDD in,it says (paraphrasing here) "cannot auto find partition,would you like to format to WBFS?",and when I go to my settings,it reads my FAT32 as FAT1.Any suggestions?

    Things you might need to know:
    -my fat32 partition is set as primary and active
    -wii games on a separate drive work fine
    -I'm using cfg70MOD r65
    -I tried an NTFS format,and it reads the GC games,but doesn't seem to start my games,and I read somewhere that NTFS is not that great for GC games,which is why I'm trying fat32
    -gc games work fine with dios mios booter,nintendont,and wiiflow(haven't tried any
    -another question(which may actually solve my problem),how do I switch from ios 249 to cios 222(hermes i believe) on CFG loader? edit:I switched CFGloader to 222 m load,and cfg loader still reads the partition as fat1,but it shows the games,and can run with dios mios