Cf Card problem

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    Hello all, I've got a Sandisk ULTRA II 2GB CF Card, that I use to watch .dpg's and listen to mp3's on my m3.

    Recently it stopped working because the format is unreadable and all the data is corrupt.

    I can still see the data in windows explorer, but when I try to access or delete it or anything it tells me the data is corrupt or unreadable. Sounds like your typical "needs-a-format" issue right?

    Problem is, I can't format it. Right-clicking and selecting format does not work (Unable to format error message), command.exe format does not work. (IOCTL error message), and diskmanager cannot read it.

    If anyone knows of a good cf card formatter. Can you please post a link to it here.

    P.S. Eraser and such are not format programs, they are wiping programs, they cannot read my unformatted card at all, so please don't link to them. (I asked at another forum and got a bunch of links to wiping programs, what I need is a formatting tool).