Certain games won't load

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    First of all, I dunno if this should go into Loaders or Hacking section since I think it involves both things - if the topic is misplaced, mods can move it at will.

    I've been having problems to load these games: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, A Boy And His Blob and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    NSMBW runs, but have read-error lockups at about 5 minutes of gameplay. The other two games will refuse to load at all (no DVD inserted error).

    I had once brought the same Boy And His Blob disk to one of my friend's and it ran fine, proving the burn isn't a bad one. I am assuming the problem with SMG2 is of a similar nature.

    Both Gecko OS 1.9.3 and Neo Gamma R8 can't load/run these games.
    My Wii firmware is version 4.0U, it's modchipped with D2C and I got BootMii installed. I dunno if the boot is v2 or v4. IOS249 is revision 9.

    I have no means of using USB for the games and I'd like a disk-load solution since I already know the discs works on other Wii. I also have no means of using Wi-Fi connection to possible system updates, so I'd like download links for them, if any.
    Also, I've looked up some things already, but the information is often misleading and I'm unsure of which procedures could cause a brick.

    Thanks in advance for reading this long post [​IMG]
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    Jun 16, 2010
    Dude you're not the only one having trouble to boot SMG2.

    I've got the same problem as you do. Maybe if you read my forum it-might help you.