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    Since coming to these forums, I've came across discussions of alternative versions of significant Wii games. One being the bloodless PAL port of No More Heroes and the other being the "improved" Japanese port of Epic Mickey.

    My question is, what else is out there? I would love to see a bloodless Madworld or some other crazy, altered port. I've done some lazy searches but can't come up with any other results.
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    I've read that No More Heroes wasn't "censored" in PAL, the only version with blood is the US one. Japan and PAL territories had the ash thing. They also have slightly better frame rate because of the lack of blood. That said, cut scenes are better on the US version because they do some mental gymnastics to tone down certain things in the other versions while on the US version they're a bit more serious.

    This also happens in No More Heroes 2, but I think the censorship is only for the Japanese version. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    I have a PAL Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition copy and it shows all the stuff, it's *not* censored. The Japanese one is.

    Not a Wii game, but Resident Evil 3 GC (NTSC-US) is the only version of the game not censored, and I don't mean only GC regional versions, but other systems as well. Probably an oversight in our favor, lol.

    Beyond that, I can't tell much about censorship.

    Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is the same game all around, except for one music track in the Japan release that was replaced in the other two versions.

    Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise is the PAL Version of Rhythm Heaven Fever, and it's superior because the PAL release has both English and Japanese audio choices.

    Metal Slug Anthology does have GameCube Controller support, but not Classic Controller support... Unless you play the Japanese version. That one has it.

    Another GC difference, Luigi's Mansion PAL release is superior in several ways to both the Japanese, and specially the US version. With each region it was released, the developers kept adding and improving things, and the PAL one is the most polished one and also has a much better harder mode. But because it is only 50Hz in PAL, you need to patch the ISO before (I made a patch long time ago using Ralph GC-Forever's code).

    Puyo Pop Fever is better on the NTSC-US version, the PAL one lacks Japanese Audio and Text, so it has less options.

    If we open the discussion to "Recommend to avoid regional versions of games", though, here a few more:

    Samurai Warriors 3
    Little King's Story
    Mad World
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

    The PAL versions of these games work only in 50Hz, and should be avoided in favor of the NTSC versions which work at full speed. Also the Spanish translation of Little King's Story is awful, way too centered in making jokes instead of explaining things (even on tutorials), the English one is waaaay better.

    Samurai Warriors 3 NTSC-US includes all the languages the PAL release has, so the PAL 50Hz version is Direct-To-Trash levels of disappointing.

    I also know certain games with different English translations depending on the region, specially Nintendo games after the Mario Party 8 fiasco (were the used the word "spastic", and the UK finds that word pretty offensive compared to the US).
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    In the PAL version of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Admiral Dane exclaims "No!" as opposed to "Damn!" in the NTSC(-U?) versions.
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