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    [​IMG] cellsDS v1.3
    MIDI Output

    CellDS the grid based music sequencer for the Nintendo DS has received a small update. The most notable new feature is MIDI support through DSMI. Don't forget to backup your custom scripts and sounds before installing the new version. There is a new screen which was added for initiating the WIFI-MIDI connection. Use [L] and [R] shoulder buttons to access the midi page.

    Features include:

    * Support for MIDI-output. Many of the Lua scripts have been updated with MIDI support.
    * For developers: More colors, midi output functions, and a few other surprises. See the updated developer’s guide for more information

    If you are upgrading, make sure the midi.txt file is copied to your \cellsDS folder. If you are installing cellsDS for the first time, unzip the package and copy the cellsDS folder to the root of your card.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Developer's Blog
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    This homebrew is so fun to mess around with. Better than anything in Electroplankton.
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    great little app.

    I love electroplankton but this is much more fun. Especially with midi, I can use it to make beats on my computer while sitting on the couch [​IMG]
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