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    Aug 20, 2006
    i was sitting here & i was thinking about all the cellphones i've had in the past & i had a real hard time trying to remember some of the names of them. i figured it'd be fun to see what mobiles that everyone else has gone through over the years...

    i started off with a sony ericsson (it had a flip open keypad) that i modified to have a pearl housing & flashing antenna

    then moved onto a nokia 6--- ? i can't remember but it was the really really small one and it had great reception... it also had the classic version of 'snake' which was one of the best games ever made for a mobile phone. my friends used to change the housing & add flashing disco lights & crap to this one but i found that to be really tacky.

    those 2 phones mentioned above were on prepaid (as i was only in grade 9 & couldn't hussle enough to pay for monthly fees)

    one day, my brothers ex gf decided she didn't want her sanyo scp-6000 (dubbed 'mr skinny') because she somehow convinced my bro to buy her some other phone (with colour screen!) lol colour screen started hitting toronto at that time. the only reason why i wanted to have this phone was because the plan came with unlimited incoming calls... so i pretty much used it all day but the problem was the battery life (since the battery was so darn skinny).

    after that, i think my brother gave me his siemens s40. at first i didn't know if i wanted it because of my phone plan but fido offered the unlimited calls in AND out... so i switched over (& i'm still on that plan!). i loved this thing to death because it was so cool-looking! everyone was into smaller phones but i figured i'd be different with a nice manly one.

    i THINK i went to a sony ericsson t616 after that... i'm not too sure (there might be another phone before that one)... i think i blocked a year of my memory out due to some trauma. anyhow, this phone was BOMB! i remember using my camera everywhere i went with it & i loved how it looked. it was pearly white & it was so clean-looking. i kinda had water damage to it so i got a new phone but i didn't quite throw this one away... it just ended up disappearing.

    anyway, my friend worked at some mobile phone store & he just chucked me a motorola v400. i didn't really want this phone but i ended up using it because the se.t616 was pissing my shit off. this phone ended up having ALOT of my memories in it... i took so many pictures with it & i swear i abused this phone so much yet it still worked. one day i got really mad & smashed it to the cement & i couldn't use it anymore =[.

    for the longest time i was stuck with no phone but whatever... during those times i didn't have any calls coming in because i isolated myself from the rest of the world...

    one day... a sony ericsson s700a appeared out of nowhere and just saved my life! this phone changed the way i looked at camera phones... it was so crisp & so clean! i could use mp3 ringtones on this one because i actually bought a bluetooth dongle to transfer files over to it. i just LOVED this phone... and then one day my brother asked me to give it to his gf's li'l brother coz he wouldn't know how to use a nokia 7710...

    i was skeptical about taking the n.7710 off his hands but then at the same time, if i didn't do it... the other dude wouldn't know how to use all it's features... this is when i started getting into symbians! i downloaded programs, games & themes for this thing... then i dled sony soundforge JUST to crop mp3's to make the ringtones i wanted... oh man. it was a li'l slow but i still loved it to death. i bought a bluetooth headset for it because i couldn't use it while i was driving.

    one day i decided to buy a new cellphone so i could drive better (was getting into close calls lol)... and finally got to my nokia n80! i ordered it off ebay and waited patiently for it... now, this phone is a real big symbol of my life because i got it to treat myself for all the troubles i was going through at the moment. i feel like a girl when i say that because girls go shopping when they're stressed? anyway, this phone has everything a guy could ever really want in a cellphone... i even use it's wifi capabilities to chat on msn while i'm laying on my bed. i donated the n.7710 to my best friend because i need to keep in contact with him for business & such. it all worked out perfectly... i still have my n.n80 & i show it lots of love... i use it all day because i need to keep myself company with those girls all day... they'll be at the office, calling me... talking to me all day... so they're not bored at work & i'm not bored on house arrest lol...

    so, you guys try remembering all of your past cellphones. i bet that while you guys do that, you guys are going to go through memory lane & have a blast in the past! =] i started remembering about past relationships, friends, fun, trouble... everything!

    i just realized i 'loved' all my phones lol... or most of them...
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    Apr 4, 2006
    Hmmm... Memories....

    Siemens S10 [​IMG]
    (Had it for a few years, until it stopped working. Poor phone. It was great. It was as big as a wireless home phone, and heavier. And cased in rubber. And proved to be shock-resistant. And hit-resistant. And kick-resistant. And drop resistant. None of that on purpose [​IMG] )

    Siemens S35 [​IMG]
    (Until it broke. The transmitter amplifier burned out.)

    Nokia 8210
    (It was borrowed. I had it for a month. Best phone ever. But I doubt it would be as resistant as the S10. Never had a chance to find out, fortunately [​IMG] )

    Siemens S55 [​IMG]
    (It was broken from day one. [​IMG] )

    Nokia 9500 Communicator [​IMG]
    (Never liked it. I traded it in for....)

    Sony Ericsson K750i.
    (And a digital video camera [​IMG] The camera is good.)
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    had a siemens c60... what a shitty phone

    then got a sony erricsson t610 which was ok

    currently got a nokia 6230 with 1gig memory card [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]