Cell phone in washing machine

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    Ugh. I forgot to take my cell phone out of my pants and they went through the wash. It's an older phone, an Samsung SGH t209. I've already taken out the battery, but I'm afraid my sister tried to turn it on.. I've also removed the SIM card. I know little about cell phones and have some questions:
    1. How long should I let it dry before turning it on?
    2. If I buy a new T-Mobile phone, can I just insert my SIM card and get my money/minutes back (its a pay-as-you-go)?
    3. It was on while it was in the washer. Is it hopeless?
    4. If 2. is yes what are some good, cheap, T-Mobile suggestions. If 2. is not true, what are some good, cheap suggestions. If 3 is false, ignore this question.
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