Catherine Classic launches on Steam today

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    It's not that much because they were busy with other games, it's because they needed to enhance their game engines so they can export to PC (reason other SEGA games like Yakuza took over a decade before we started getting PC ports and even those were kinda late). Catherine is an exception as it uses Gamebryo, so it was an easy port, yet was only made now since they had to wait until it was a cult classic otherwise it wouldn't have sold as well and a good way to bring attention to it would be to announce an enhanced version. As for why we aren't getting the enhanced version on PC, it's because Gamebryo is a pain in the ass to export to different formats and as someone who has used it I can tell you that with a team of 20 people it may still take ~2 months before you can port something from one system to another without a crapload of bugs. That may not sound like a long time, but for something still in development, it is.
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    I forgot about that detail (it's been almost 10 years since I played that game...^^") but still, as you said, she is treated respectfully. Having read about her now, the only "controversial" thing I could find are some of Toby's remarks near the end, and even those were said because Erica never told him she was trans until the very end of the game. The game using her old name in the manual and artbook is apparently due to a (now repealed) Japanese law prohibiting transexual people to change their legal names and the same goes for when she appears sad in a nightmare due to how she cannot give birth, citing another old Japanese law that forced trans people to be sterilized. The way I see it her character is more of an indirect criticism of Japan's treatment of transexual people at the time rather than just being transphobic.

    Not just that, but again, some of the offensive stuff also indirectly comes from folklore and other indirect means and the game still manages to stay less controversial than others. So, really - I generally don't get the whole modern PC mentality but I get even less the controversy behind this one as I don't know what people where expecting from something like this.
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    What's your opinion on this?
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    Is this will coming to Ps4 ?
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    How is it transphobic & exist?
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    And even then, why do they care? It's a piece of fiction.
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    I love how the word “classic” fits beautifully under her leg in the artwork
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    Based off of...what?
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    thanks for reminding me, just purchased it. wish i could port my ps3 emulator save lol
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    I know almost nothing of this game, but I think I heard something about a transgender character? Like a waitress or something, right? I'd be curious to know how the game treats her if you're saying it's transphobic. Honest question, not throwing any flak on you or anything.
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    This isn't even a valid argument, because the input and output of a tool aren't bound by the tool's licensing, especially when it's something that was reversed from a proprietarty format. CriPakTools is managed code as well, so unless the port uses unity or something instead of native code, then that's not even used in the game. If anything, putting the code there is them saying "we used this, so rather than pretend we didn't we'll just leave this here."
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