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    Jan 3, 2008
    Filetrip now has 2 new administrators and we are willing to entertain suggestions for new categories. You can submit category suggestions here or on filetrip (as before).

    Please try to enter your suggestions for discussion by following the format below. It will make our lives much easier when it comes to actually creating the category.

    Category Title:
    Category Description:
    Category Path:

    An example might be:
    Category Title: Homebrew
    Category Description: Homebrew coded specifically for use on the iPhone/iDevices
    Category Path: iPhone/iDevices > Homebrew
    Reason: Currently there is a category for Games and Multimedia but I feel we should also add one for Applications and Emulators. All 4 should then be sub-categories of this newly proposed Homebrew category.

    One thing to keep in mind is that there are only a few of us on patrol at Filetrip. New categories may mean that files must also be moved around and areas with hundreds of files may be put on hold until we have the time to make such changes. Don't feel discouraged if your suggestions are not made into categories, and rest assured that we are discussing your suggestions privately. We may not always respond to discussions in this thread but we are aware of them.

    -Another World
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