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    A few people in the help topic have been asking where and how to get some of the rare items that you need for quests in the new CV:OoE

    Aside from farming them the old fashioned way, you can also connect to other users online through Nintendo Wi-Fi and purchase items that others have put up for sale. I thought I would set up a shop with a few rare items in case any other 'tempers needed to obtain certain things they're having trouble with.

    Prices are set by the game, just FYI.

    Sample of items I have up for sale atm:

    Tasty Meat 2320
    Mandrake Root 2400
    Merman Meat 4000
    Alexandrite 24000
    Gold Ore 1920
    Hierophant Ring 16800
    Stephanie 8000
    Platinum Plate 16000

    Would be happy to take requests if anyone needs something specific.

    Hopefully others will set up shop and post friend codes as well, and suggestions are always welcome to make the thread more useful.

    There's no entry in the friend code database for CV:OoE yet, but hopefully we'll get an update soon. Until then, post them in here.

    FC: 1204 2591 9101