Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow super hard mode?

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    So I was going to sit down and playthrough Dawn of Sorrow again in hard mode when I realized (/remembered) that the hard mode is only available as a new game+ feature... Kinda a downer for a hardcore castlevania fan looking for an extra challenge...


    Since my CycloDS supports cheats, I am wondering what would be the best route to enable a "super hard mode" where I begin without any items. I could cheat all the plot souls into my inventory and quickly beat the game with nothing but a short sword and clothing, or I could take a completed savegame and try to remove all items and souls from my inventory...

    Any other thoughts? Has anybody tried this before?
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    You can talk to Yoko to release your souls. Then just sell all your items at Hammer's shop, then buy a bunch of stuff, then sell those too. Keep doing this and eventually you'll have no money leftover.
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    Good to know that the game is set up so you can do that lol
  4. Gilrad

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    That's right! So much easier than fussing about with action replay codes. Can't see the forest from all the trees eh? [​IMG]

    thanks a bunch