Cases and other protective accesories

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    I just got a brand new DS Lite, and want to keep it in mint condition. I'm trying to decide what to get for that purpose. I already have a hard zipper case that I believe will protect it well during transport while being lightweight, (the only problem is it's black and will act like an oven if ever left out in the sun, so I will try to paint it with sun-reflecting paint).

    I'm concerned that fitting a DS Lite with a thin plastic casing, (of the type that does not have a silicone insert layer), might mark up the handheld, by creating dull friction marks at pressure points from the plastic rubbing with the handheld over a long period of time, or scratch marks where the case clips in against the handheld.

    Has anyone experienced any long-term damage from outfitting their handheld with a case such as these ones?:

    And do you think they are comfortable to hold and operate while fitted with these cases?