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  1. Haloman800

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    How many of you guys are "into" cars? My car is a means to an end, sports cars, or cars as a subject have never interested me. When I ask my male friends about things they'd like to own, they almost always mention cars. They talk about different sports cars.. etc. I couldn't care less.

    I'm not dissing on you if you like them, I'm just curious to know if anyone else thinks like me.
  2. ComeTurismO

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    Sep 18, 2011
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    Well, my username can answer that question...
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  3. Vipera

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    I don't care. I do like races that aren't extremely technical though.
  4. Tiffani

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    Sep 20, 2014
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    My husband doesn't like cars, but he is really into sports, so he holds up at least one stereotype. :P
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Everything sucks, Mazda 323 rules!

    In all honesty, I'm not into cars at all.
    I just got the knowledge to do a fair bit of work and know I won't get fucked over when having it repaired ;p
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    Dec 2, 2007
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    I like certain cars. I have a friend who can talk your ears off about cars though.
  7. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    I can appreciate cars for their engineering, they do not excite in any kind of visceral way though. Similarly I can appreciate the engineering in a lot of things -- I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday looking at a 100 year old lawnmower and figuring out the mechanics and how it was built.

    Skills wise it is an odd one -- my old man is probably mainly a mechanic (he also decided to do many trades to a high level) so that is mostly what he taught me engineering with, however that also cut the other way and much like if you are good with computers others might lean on you rather than going I kind of have a bit of that for cars*. On the flip side I am supposed to be an engineer (and not of the electrical, software or chemical persuasion) and that tends to mean an appreciation of the mechanics of engines is required. Similarly these last few years I have also taken to understanding car electronics from a high level -- I might not know the settings and procedure as far as remapping your ECU but I reckon I probably can do the CAN bus and ODBII protocols (and all the rest of that stuff) to boring levels, likewise I reckon I know the insides and outs of pretty much all the official/dealer level diagnostics programs for cars commonly found in the EU/UK.

    I do also find all the silly kids that try to mod their cars to be hilarious though, especially when it overlaps with audiophools (spends a fortune on snake oil oxygen free copper, proceeds to wire it in backwards to a lousy speaker (though it is 1000W) and to top it all off the ends are crimped on rather than soldered).

    *that a mechanics shop is also one of my main clients and that I do not bother to have any form of motorised transport kind of continue this. That the silly kids from the previous part also come into the garage wondering why their £1000 car with £5000 worth of junk tacked onto it handles like a supermarket trolley, can be out accelerated by a kid on a tricycle, guzzles fuel like it is going out of fashion, has a sound system that sounds like arse and is about as reliable as a wet paper towel being used as a bridge is just added amusement to my life in general, the hardest part is not rolling around on the floor and laughing at them until they leave.
  8. TecXero

    TecXero Technovert

    Apr 13, 2014
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    I couldn't care less about cars overall. I know how they work and I can maintain mine just fine, but I don't really care who made it or what model it is, as long as its layout allows me to easily work on it. Sports aren't my thing either. I mostly just tinker with computer and play video games.