Cards Against Humanity on an airplane allowed?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Sicklyboy, Dec 7, 2013.

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    So I'm not assuming many of you here work for airliners or the TSA, so this is more of a general question to see if anyone knows, from experience or whatnot.

    End of this month I'll be flying cross-country (United Airlines, I believe) to visit some family. I have, except for the Holiday expansion from last year, the entire Cards Against Humanity set (base, expansion 1-4, BBB, and Crabs Adjust Humidity 1 and 2). Totals about 1.4k cards and literally weighs 5.5lbs (I checked). Is this allowed in a carryon? Weight aside (I can split it into its individual boxes if need be), I would imagine most people would get a few odd looks for carrying around 1.4k playing cards in a big, black box. Nothing on the TSA website says it's remotely prohibited though (not even mentioned, as far as playing cards and board games and such)
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    I don't see a reason why they wouldn't allow it.
    As long as it's not illegal and or can be used as a obvious weapon.
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    As long as you're well-within the regulations regarding the size, weight and nature of the item, it could be 5lbs of dildos for all they care. You should be just fine. ;)
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    I brought CAH and the first 3 expansions with me when I left for school. You'll probably be fine.
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    Yeah why would you assume it's not allowed? You'll be fine
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    So long as they fit in a carryon bag, you'll be fine. The only trouble you would possibly have, is if your bag can't zip up, or if it won't fit under the chair/in the overhead bin.
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    I figured you were going to ask about playing the game on the flight over, which would be... inadvisable.

    Just carrying it, though? You should be fine. For all its faults, I don't think the TSA is against Cards Against Humanity.
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