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    Okay, i finished installing my first car audio set-up in my first car. This was a self installation.

    This is my set-up.

    HeadUnit: Pioneer
    Amplifier: 800watt, 4channel, bridgeable.
    Rear Speakers: Sony Xplod 320watt
    Front Speakers: Sony Xplod 130watt
    Subwoofer: Phillips 375 watt. (really old, like seriously)

    I have 200 watts pumping to each rear from the AMP, 50 watts pumping to each front from the HU and 200 watts pumping to the sub from the AMP, which leaves 1 channel left on the AMP and 2 left on the HU.

    Yeah its not the best i got everything pretty cheap and im happy with it, plus its my first car and im still in school and petrol prices is killing me atm.

    So i finished installing it and it works great, except for a minor issue, well its not really an issue just an annoyance.

    Whenever i turn off the car, i get a loud pop from the speakers. Done some research and I know its because my HeadUnit is turning off before my amp. So in other words to fix this problem i need to get my amp to turn off before my headunit does. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix this? I have thought of two things.

    1: Put a relay on the speakers so as soon as i pull the key out, the relay will cut the connection from the amp to the speakers therefore stopping any sound from coming through. But will this affect the sound quality?


    2: Install an ON/OFF switch for the amp so before i turn the car off, flick the switch for the amp and then turn the car off. But will this method break my amp? Because my amp has constant 12 volts going to it even when the car is off?

    Or do you sugest something else?

    Thanks for your time, im aware that no one may post cause probably no one here is into car audio, but hey worth a try.