Capture Card for Nintendo DS- anybody use it? (want to stream on

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    This year, my dorky goal for the year is to learn more about streaming and video content. I decided I'd like to stream GBA games to and was planning to use my Game Boy Player for Game Cube and a dazzle capture device. Then I realized that there is actually a capture card for the original Nintendo DS which is SUPER affordable and an easier setup for my small downtown one bedroom apartment than capturing from Game Cube, and if I went that route, I would be able to stream GBA games AND Nintendo DS games (I have a larger Nintendo DS library than Game Cube). Just wondering does anybody use the capture card for the original Nintendo DS? Any thoughts? Protips? Anybody stream Nintendo DS (not 3DS) on twitch? Could a monkey install this themselves or should I pay somebody to put it in for me? I'd love to talk with like minded people about my dorky plans, I'm a good basic computer user but both excited and slightly overwhelmed with my upcoming plans, so I'd love to make a few buddies who are at least sympathetic if not interested in helping if I get stuck ;)

    Link to the capture card:
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    wouldn't it be better to just stream a DS emulator from the PC?
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    Nintendo's policy on emulators is seen as illegal in their eyes, they would slap you with a DMCA takedown of your twitch account when it comes into their sight.

    As long as you got the actual game and hardware, nintendo can't really do shit to you, for now. That is why having video capture hardware is the safe route.

    That is what games done quick does, they use video capture hardware to stream their runs.

    This all applies to twitch, on youtube the nintendo creator program bullshit applies.
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    still looking
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    Why can't they do anything?
    Emulators are not illegal, but it is their policy to see them as illegal.
    Your games and hardware are not illegal, but it can be their policy to see you streaming games as illegal.

    Actually they hold more of a legal ground with the last one, they could very well state that no rights to stream the games in public was granted to you... they would be right in this case.

    EDIT: And why do I contribute to a 3 years old necropost... Hmmm... damn.
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    For anybody looking, the capture card in the OP is still readily sold and is pretty reasonably priced for what it is. Bought one myself a few weeks ago but haven't installed it yet.

    Doesn't seem too difficult to install with it being a solderless solution, but cutting the case for the new port will be a challenge lol. Will prob write up a review for the site when I finally get around to it, but it could be a month or more for that.
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    I thought a lot of youtubers were streaming using emulators.