Captain U Coming To The WiiU


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Aug 19, 2015
United Kingdom
Just in time for the WiiU's 9th Aniversary comes news of one final release for the system.


Ever since the Switch came out Ultra Dolphin Revolution have been keeping themselves busy bringing out a number of WiiU games and today they announced they will be bringing out one final title for the WiiU

Called Captain U, the game is a 2D platformer that makes use of the console's dual-screen capabilities, touch screen controls, and motion controls, and is said to be a "celebration of our Wii U games and our fans". With Ultra Dolphin Revolution being the only developer committed to Nintendo's ageing console, it's pretty likely that this game will be the last to hit the Wii U eShop.


Here's some more info from Ultra Dolphin Revolution :

Welcome to this new, yet familiar, universe. You are known as Captain U and you are here to locate the missing princess! Equipped with this universe’s legendary weapon, the PowerPad, you will utilize your unique powers to find the princess and save the universe!

- Adventure through 9 challenging levels!
- Explore some familiar areas with a new twist!
- Utilize your new founded PowerPad Powers to create or move platforms or defeat enemies!
- Play on the big screen or the small screen. Switch between screens during gameplay!
- Try to get the highest score possible!


Captain U will launch in December 2021 across North America, Europe, and Australia, priced at $2.99/ € 2.99

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