Capcom Talks Mega Man - MM9 Potential NES cart, MM9X SNES style &

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hadrian

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    "1UP: We kind of hoped to see actual NES cartridges produced. We heard rumors that Capcom discussed this very idea, which resulted in a limited run of collectors’ edition NES-style boxes. What stopped you?

    HT: We all thought that it’d be great to see actual NES cartridge production! We put some serious thought into this, working with the U.S. staff. But fundamental differences in the technology prohibited us from producing cartridges without a program to bridge the NES cartridge and the current technology. This would have grown into a larger issue, so we reluctantly let it go. It was a great idea, however, so we wanted to use it somehow then thought of producing the box and cartridge case. By the way, this idea came out of our U.S. office; we are very thankful to our U.S. staff for this great idea!

    1UP: A lot of fans hoped that MM9 would bridge the story gap between the classic series and the X series, where it’s hinted that the original Mega Man and his friends had all been killed at some point in the distant past. Do you ever intend to tell that story?

    HT: This seems like a rumor that goes around in certain circles, but it is not official. Certainly, the two series are set in different time periods, but they share the same spectacular world. There might be a bridge for the chronological gap someday, but I don’t think it’s time yet.

    1UP: Will we ever be lucky enough to get a Mega Man X9 — but with Super NES era graphics and music?

    HT: It all depends on fans’ demand! We might see that day, as long as there is passion!!"

    I'd welcome a SNES style Mega Man game any day.
  2. shadowboy

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    Heck yeah! I really wish they had done the nes style carts tho.. woulda been amazing. Plug your nes into the wii remote XD
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    Megaman X9 with SNES graphics and musics... that would just be TOO awesome...
    I hope they really do it! [​IMG]
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    Mega Man X1 on the SNES is one of my three all time favorites, and the other two SNES games are up there. They better do it.
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    No, stick the NES cart in the wii's disk slot [​IMG]
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    I really hope they'll make SNES style MMX9
    The X series is my fav MM series of them all, and I'd LOVE to have another one especially if it's SNES style
  7. SoulAnger

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    Aww I wanted it dumped, and emulate it on my ds. [​IMG]
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    I'm surprised that Capcom hasn't considered Mega Man 9 for the DS/PSP! Both could have wifi support for Time Trials and other stuff!//
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    The X Series is definitely one of the best. I really hope X9 comes to light.
  10. Pizzaroo

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    Oh shit, the GBA might officially "die" before the NES. Epic win.