Capcom Summer Showcase 2022 - roundup - RE: Village's DLC out this October

Following many reveals made at Sony's recent State of Play, Capcom is back, with some more information about their upcoming games. This showcase will last around 35 minutes, and is purely dedicated to discussing previously announced titles. Expect to see more on the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion, Exoprimal, and more. The event kicks off at 3pm PT/23:00 BST. As always, we'll be covering the show as it airs.

Here we go:

Monster Hunter is up first. Sunbreak is out at the end of this month, and there's a new trailer to premiere some new footage. June 30 is its release. The jungle area returns. Espinas is a new monster that is calm until attacked, where it goes insane. Gore Magala returns as well, originally from MH4. Daimyo Hermataur is new, and has an explosive variant.

There will be a demo featuring the new content, with a solo and online mode, giving you the chance to get a taste of the expansion before it launches. The demo is out on June 15. Demo is for Steam and Switch. Even more title updates are on the way, following this.

August 2022 is when Lucent Nargacuga will be added. As well as the Forlorn area. Fall will see new powered-up fooes, winter will see even more monsters, and other updates will continue into 2023.

Next is Street Fighter 6. They tease the open world stuff again, but give no confirmation. More info will come later this year, not at this show.

There's the previously announced compilation containing tons of Capcom fighters coming this month. June 24 is when Capcom Fighting Collection is out.

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is out July 22. Black Tiger, Eco Fighters, and 30 other games are collected in this.

Exoprimal gets an update now. We see humans in mech suits killing dinosaurs. Different classes with abilities. There's an unstoppable raptor hoard. Dinosaurs just fall from the sky and you have to kill them. 2023. Dino Survival is the main campaign. It's a team-based game. Two squads of five fight to complete their objectives before the other team. Sometimes it's about protecting an aircraft, or slaughtering dinosaurs faster. You'll upgrade your character's abilities with XP. The mechs you fight in are called exosuits. Some are tanks, some are offensive based.

Exoprimal is getting a closed network test. You can sign up for it on Capcom's official site. The test will take place before the end of the year.

Dragon's Dogma celebrates its 10 year anniversary. There's going to be a video documentary about how the series came to be, releasing on the 16th. That's all.

Resident Evil time. Village is first. A trailer shows a girl, grown up, exploring a mansion. Shadows of Rose is the DLC. She's the daughter of the protagonist, and this is a sequel to Village's story. Tales place 16 years after the end of the original game. Takes place in only third-person.

Chris Redfield and Alcina are coming to RE: Mercenaries. New stages too.

The game is getting a third person mode, in RE: Village - Gold Edition. Out October 28. This will be when the DLC is released as well. All three of these things are included in the DLC. RE:Verse will also begin then too. Village is getting a macOS port.

March when you can return to Resident Evil 4. Here, we get another trailer for the remake. They show Leon saying things can be different this time, like they did in the reveal trailer. The devs talk about how this is a reimagining. They really want players to feel isolated and afraid of what lies ahead. This is purely a "next-gen" game.

Resident Evil VII, 2, and 3 are all on the latest consoles. They're out today. Smart delivery for previous owners. PC owners just get a patch including the visual updates.

That's the end.


XP not matters.
Nov 8, 2018
It seems the Resident Evil 2 & 3 Enhancements for the PC are ready to go:

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