Capcom E3 2021 press conference - roundup - Resident Evil Village getting DLC expansion

Capcom is up on deck, with the home of Mega Man, Ace Attorney and other beloved IPs ready to show us what they have for their fans for the rest of 2021 and onwards. Their press conference is about to begin, so be sure to settle in and watch the latest E3 news update.

You can also catch us live-commentating the stream over on Twitch!

Live Coverage

Resident Evil Village is first. After launching last month, the development team was wowed by the sales and support. Tsuyoshi Kanda mentioned Village's online mode Re:Verse will go live in July.

By popular demand, a new DLC will be made for RE: Village, with more info to come later.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 goes in depth on the story in a new narrative trailer. Razewing Ratha is shown. There will be a post-launch update with Palamutes. A demo will launch June 25th. Game launches July 9th.

MH: Rise has a new collab in store. There's a Capcom bundle with Stories 2 crossover items for Rise. Update 3.1 adds new items, quests, rewards and more.

Great Ace Attorney is discussed. We get to hear the English voice cast. July 27th. There are new gameplay elements, some of which include deduction from Sholmes.

The rest is eSports interviews.


  • Resident Evil Village will be getting a DLC expansion
  • Monster Hunter Rise's 3.1 update adds plenty of new free and paid DLC, June 24th. A 3.3 update was teased.
  • Great Ace Attorney releases July 27th


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Let be honest, Japanese is still Capcom main target. Can't expect them to show us something that would take years to come over here after Jp version released.
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