Cant wait for MX VC ATV :)

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    IGN reckons 4th/10 it was getting released, but its way past that allready [​IMG]

    But why cant they add wifi to it? Wifi automatically makes the game more fun.. why cant all games have wifi? Are developers just lazy, or what?

    anyway, its looking pretty sweet

    if its anything like excitebike 64, rock on! [​IMG]
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    Been keeping a close eye on this one since ign did their preview although the developer doesn't really have that great a track record, the people who have played it says its close to being the Excitebike 64 for the DS.
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    last sentence of paragrah before last: "As an added note, the above screens are not in native DS resolution, so they were taken out of game, or are mock-ups with game assets. "