Can't transfer data from Wii to Wii U

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    So, I'm wanting to transfer all my VC stuff from the Wii to Wii U and in order to do so, I must download the transfer app from the Wii Shopping Channel, which in turn, needs to be updated. But there's a fatal flaw, the Wii will not connected to my current apartment-issued network. The Wii U connected to this network just fine, but the Wii always returns with an error every time, even if I use another network in my complex. This leads me to assume that due to all the hacking I did to it in the past, it will never be able to connect to the internet again.

    Now, my reasons for wanting to transfer are simple, I wanted to try these games but with Nintendo's updated emulator to play on the screen. Yes, there are emulators like RetroArch, but I kinda want to support Nintendo's VC, at least to an extent. If I can't download the update to access the Wii shopping channel in order to get the transfer app, what can I do? I had this issue when I was living at home. Summary - Wii U connects and functions perfectly on St 43 (the network SSID for this apartment room), but cannot connect the Wii on the same network, having tried more than ten times in a row.

    Something ain't right here.

    Again, I know there are emulators, but currently only for the Wii U's vWii mode, I just want to play the games on the controller once the update comes out, but if I can't get the app...