Cant run USB device test

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    Aug 5, 2009
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    I've recently bought a new external USB-HDD so I went to check the compatibility list in the wiki for the usbloader. I knew it was there, but just to make sure. Checking the list I've found that no one has tested the Homebrew part, so I scroll to the begining to read the instructions to perform the test and see if it works. Acording to the wiki, these are the instructions:
    Non-Linux based Homebrew:

    So I download the USB mass storage device tester from the web (is something like usbtest.elf) and following the instructions I try to launch the application from HBC (previously renaming the file.elf to boot.elf and copying it to /apps/usbtest folder). When I load the HBC it displays all the apps and also the new one I've copied but if I try to run it, it tells me that is not a valid Wii application.

    Do I need something special to make it run? Does it run from another place and not launching via HBC?

    Mi Wii is on version 4.0 patched with HBC 1.0.1 and cIOS 38 rev 14. I'm also using usbloader gx without problem as well as MPlayer CE (they detect the HDD without problem)