Can't Post With FireFox, Sort Of

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    May 16, 2008
    So I've been having this problem with FireFox lately.

    In the latest non-beta version, using the text box thingie was pretty bugged. [​IMG]
    When I entered some text, and then used the Insert Link button, the link would be placed at the start, not the place where the pointer is before pressing the button.
    Selecting something and selecting something else kept the first selected text blue. Copying/pasting was a pain in the place where the sun shouldn't shine. [​IMG]
    Also, about the pointer: I can't see it in FireFox (3.6 or Beta, neither shows it to me). At all. This makes it hard to correct my post after reading through it. [​IMG]
    The Quick Edit function, though, works fully. Both 3.6 and Beta. [​IMG]

    Any help? [​IMG]
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    1. When inserting a link paste the link's address where you want it to be in the post, then highlight it and choose the insert link button.
    2. If you're holding control while selecting something else the original selection will stay there.
    3. How is copying/pasting a pain?
    4. The pointer problem sometime arises for me. Just click in another text box on another tab or in the url address then click back in the box.