can't make R4i3D firmware work on my DSi XL?

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  1. sasaru98

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    Oct 1, 2018
    hi, i just bought a used DSi XL (1.4V) and got with it an "R4i3D" card which says(DSiXL/DSiLL/DSi/DSL/DS)
    tried to reach it's website .. but its dead...
    searched and tried a lot of firmware like : Wood4, r4i-sdhc ..

    but i can't seem to get it work it says nothing on every firmware i put, the DSiXL just work normally and load nothing ...
    So can anyone help me finding the right Firmware ..
    or have a fix if there is to make it work and thanks.

    i heard a lot about YSMenu .. but i couldn't know how to try it ...
    P.S: i used a 8Gb memory card with the R4i3D card.
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