can't get who want's to be a millionare to work

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    i have a 3.2 nstc and have ciocorps and i poped it in and it gave me the main menu when i clicked disc channel so i press start then it gives me a black screen and freezes... what should i do? and have region free settings also...

    also should i use region frii to make US?
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    it wont work, nothing you can do will make it work, the gmes ive found like this are millionaire, big brain academy, crash of titans all pal to ntsc always gives green or black screen, ive still not found anyhting to make it work. if you check the pal-ntsc loader compatibility list you can see what games will not force
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    Wasn't this problem because of forcing the game..?? try them in the launcher forcing different (PAL50, PAL60, NTSC) and if you have Preloader, disable "region free" and "force disc region", those don't work well, and only make the things worse....!!! [​IMG]