cant get online trouble with privet header (sky3dsplus & power saves)

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  1. just-yb

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    Aug 9, 2016
    ok i have a problem i cant get online with the privet header i extracted i did this in the following way ( ) to get it in a .bin

    but i have a sky3ds+ so i cant use diskwriter as later explained

    then i did this Added the "DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY=" in settings.txt file, to set your own private header shared for all online gameplay.

    dint work so i emailed sky3ds and they refered to this ( ) that also dint work is there any one who can help me get this to work
  2. Mikemk

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    Mar 26, 2015
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    You need different headers for different games, as the link they have told you. The manufacturer byte of the private header must match the manufacturer byte of the rom you're using it with.

    Instead of assuming you didn't actually read the link (well, ... I'm still assuming that), I'll ask this: what game is the private header from, and what game are you using it on?
  3. Biff627

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    Aug 15, 2015
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    Im pretty sure No Ban No Sky sets it up so you can use a header for all manufacturer bytes? Correct me if im wrong. But I remember using 1 for all of the different types.
  4. Redferne

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    Oct 28, 2015
    You don't have to modify the ROM to make it work.
    When the manufacturer ID doesn't match just open the game's .cfg and modify the CART_ID to the one corresponding to your private header (the first two digits). Then delete the game's .sav so the SKY3DS+ recreate it.
    You can also make sure that the GAMESAVE_KEY in the game's .cfg is the same as DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY in settings.txt.
  5. gkoelho

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    Apr 16, 2015
    Yes, it is true but it seems that there isn't a straight forward way to it in a reliable way. I've made all kind of games work with a unique ph using No Ban Sky and some manual editing on the template, but its not intuitive and the same process may not work for all games, forcing you to fix things many times.