cant get my wii to connect to actinotec router ...fios

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    I recently put homebrew onto a friends wii , I wanted to make sure it was all good to go , so I tried his wii out on my internet connection ( I have fios ) I hadda reset the router cause I forgot the password , anyway a long story short , I got his sys up and running my sys wont connect to the internet .....the router claims to see it , but the wii still wont connect , I even disabled the password for the wireless , and it still didnt help .....when I was using my d-lionk router I never had this problem what I need to know is , does anyone have fios and the wii working wirelessly ? on a side note when I first got fios , I hadda reset the router to make my wii work , I have tried that again but to no avail
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    maybe some ports need to be forwarded because of the reset?